tenbo designer Birthday!!

Hello everyone!


It celebrated the birthday of designer Sachiyo yesterday!




Near the light of cake, sewing machine of lights!







New hair color nice!

Happy birthday Sachiyo🎵

tenbo Fashion creator course

tenbo representative designer Tsuruta will tell.

Clothes of how to make, design drawings of writing, graphic design, fashion business.
Tsuruta will tell anything.








This course, anyone can join.

Age, nationality, gender, disability, healthy person.

It does not matter!!

Participating in the course♪


1 day, 3 hours 5,000 yen (JPN)


Please contact the here!


tenbo dressmaking classroom offered! !

Good evening everyone!


2016, tenbo began new things! !
Dressmaking is offered of the classroom! !


As the first student, MOMO has been admission!

MOMO husband is famous NHK Baribara TASKE!




Tsuruta until last year in March, called Futaba Fashion Academy

He has served as a lecturer at There will fashion vocational school in Kichijoji.

Of course, making clothes, or create a paper pattern before making clothes in said pattern,

Graphic design and, product development, it can be anything! !


Designer of the Tokyo Collection Participating brands will tell you anything!
It is only tenbo to this kind of great!


To suit your lifestyle,

Please consult well as the number of times and money!

Please contact us if you have you are interested in even a little!


Inquiry form

tenbo T-shirt

Introduction of tenbo of T-shirt!

The T-shirt of tenbo we have adopted the thing called Iropochi.

This is the color tag capable of recognizing the color touched with a finger in visual disabilities ♪






Use Iropochi of tenbo original design ♪
Yomi-chan print♪
Iropochi Works ↓
Iropochi HP


In addition, T-shirts of tenbo it can be purchased from WEB shop!
Type There is also a lot!
tenbo WEB shop


tenbo sales events

Good evening!


Time of 13:00 to 15:00 today, at the Dai-ichi Hotel Kichijoji,

It was sold tenbo of goods 🎵


That Musashino premium, we were selling products that have been certified as souvenirs representative of the Musashino City.

tenbo knit tie is certified.
In addition to knit tie me was selling a variety of items.



Now, we have held a New Year sale in the web shop! !

tenbo WEB shop

tenbo product sales

Good evening everyone!


tenbo It is a commodity sales events Notice!

Called “Musashino premium”, it has been certified as a souvenir representing the Musashino,

a knit tie tenbo, tomorrow, will be sold at the Kichijoji Dai-ichi Hotel! !


A5冊子16P-P17 [更新済み]


In addition to knit tie, tenbo of muffler, gloves, tights, a coin case Cheaply! ! It will be sold! ! !


January 7 (Thursday) 13:00 to 15:00

Kichijoji Dai-ichi Hotel


By all means, please come 🎵


I wish you a Happy New Year!!
Much peace, love and joy to you all in 2016!!

tenbo gallery

Hello everyone!
It is the end soon also in 2015!
Did you spend a fun one year?

tenbo of the introduction to the gallery!
Gallery of tenbo in Kichijoji Japan.
You can come to the gallery to see the tenbo of goods.

We will show the Gallery of tenbo!




If you come in Kichijoji, please come to play!!
Contact us from here↓

New item〜warm series〜

ーMagnet mode Coatー
The cool and warm with lightly!
Popular magnet coat!
And cool even in a wheelchair.


Magnet mode coat ¥ 37,800 (tax included)
Black / Bordeaux / khaki / check
tenbo web shop



ーWarm glovesー
Ahead is open.
It is convenient to the smartphone of operation.
Inside it is in the bore.
Very warm.


Warm gloves ¥ 4,860 (tax included)
Star camouflage / Red Check / blue check / beige check

tenbo web shop



ーWarm mufflerー
The same material as the gloves.
And it can be wound by simply passing the hole.


Warm muffler ¥ 7,830 (tax included)

Red check / blue check / beige check

tenbo web shop